I first found my love for photography when I was in grade school. I remember my great grandmother taking pictures of me with her Polaroid, then minutes later showing me the results. I was instantly at how quick I was able to see the picture (little did I know what digital photography was going to do to my life in the years to come). My parents and I were also huge hockey fans and we would go to a lot of the Pittsburgh Penguin games when I was growing up. The thing I can remember most about the games, was being more interested in the photographers on the side taking photos of the players. After each game, I would run to the concession stand to buy one of the photos. It wasn’t until high school when I got hooked when I picked up my first camera. Then my journey began!

At that time, I had no intentions on becoming a professional photographer, I just wanted to have fun taking pictures. I ended up going to school for graphic design with a minor in photography. As I advanced my graphic design degree, I grew a deeper interest in photography and started to do work for money. I started to photograph sports and families before I took on my first wedding. After a short time behind the camera, I fell in love with photography and wanted it to become my profession more than anything. Graphic design soon took the back burner while I pushed my photography skills to a new level. At first, I just wanted to shoot sports and occasionally a portrait session here and there. Everyone told me I should do weddings, but I had no interest at that moment in time. It wasn’t until I met my wife, that I wanted to take that leap into the wedding world with my photography.

As my relationship with my wife got more serious, I started to gain more interest in wedding photography. Maybe it was because I knew I would be getting married soon or maybe deep down there was always a burning desire for me to shoot weddings. Either way, I knew this is what I should be doing. After photographing my first wedding, I was in love - In love like a kid loves candy and fresh snow. I just couldn’t get enough of it, I needed to photograph more weddings. I was on a mission, a mission to take amazing photos of brides and make them look as if they walked right out of a wedding magazine.

Over the next few years, I studied some of the best wedding photographers around the world as I wanted to learn how and why they did what they did. Then I placed my first ad, did my first wedding show, and the rest was history. My wife helped me build the foundation of the business by learning my craft and assisting me on the weddings we booked. Shortly after our own wedding, I realized that my life long dreams were becoming a reality. It wasn’t until recently that I realized being a photographer was my life long dream. I had to look back and connect the dots from where I started to where I am now. It’s funny how life works out that way.

Over the past 15 years we have photographed hundreds of weddings, thousands of portraits and events, we have won many awards, have been featured in magazines, featured on tv both locally and nationally, and have many of our customers come back time after time for more photos. It starts with their senior photos, then wedding, and then when they have kids they come back for family photos. I am looking forward to photographing a wedding of the 2nd generation of a past client. This is only a small portion of it all. The real joy that we get isn’t from the awards and recognition we have achieved, but from the warm feeling we get when we deliver a piece of art to our clients or when we create a photo that we know will be shared and cherished for many years to come.

We have developed a style that is a blended mix of traditional, photojournalistic and fine art photography all wrapped up in one. When we photograph weddings and people, we like to capture it as it happens. We like to tell a story as we see it through our camera, because when words can’t be said, we like to speak with our photographs. Our goal for each wedding and each portrait session is to not only tell a story from that moment in their life but to tell a story to someone that was not there to experience it. We want a total stranger to be able to feel the emotion that was captured in the photo.

There are photos and then there are our photos. The kind of photos that have your life, love and story all over them. The kind of photos that you’d never compromise on and that you’d sacrifice for. People don’t hire us for just any old photos, they hire us because they like to swim in the deep end and have fun. They want something that couldn’t happen anywhere else! Our clients want what we provide, AMAZING PHOTOS!!!

We look forward to meeting you and photographing the best moments of your lives!

A picture isn’t a photograph until its printed …